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Agency Founder

My attraction to the world of wine was passed on to me by my family. The seed that my father planted in me from an early age, by making me sip my lips on great wines, has stayed with me. Alongside my studies at McGill University and emlyon, I was determined to focus on the world of wine.

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International wine tasting competition

Alongside my business studies, I joined one of the most prestigious international student tasting clubs. As vice-president, I organized a tasting competition at the Intercontinental Hotel in Lyon, and took part in more than a dozen tasting competitions, some of which we won at the most prestigious estates. 

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The desire to pass on knowledge and make a living from one's passion

After organizing dozens of wine tours in all regions of France with equally passionate friends, I've built up a sizeable network of winemakers and understood how the sometimes closed world of wine works. As a lover of France and its terroir, I've forged strong links with these winemakers, who now trust me to welcome and share with individuals interested in discovering new wines.

The Year 2023 : Where are we know?

Again and again, new and wonderful encounters. More than a hundred tastings organized since the beginning of the year and more than thirty wine days with discoveries of new winemakers and new restaurants... For 50 different nationalities!

I'm always delighted to share my knowledge with you, just as it's important for me to learn from your life experiences. This is just the beginning of the story, as France is a vast country to discover and full of jewels to explore and unearth.

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Thank you.

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